How to buy NFTs on

This article explains How to buy NFTs on from the NFTs market.

Non-fungible tokens are collectable crypto assets stored on the blockchain. The tokens are used as a representation of any real-world item or virtual asset. They can represent artwork, music, real estate, trading cards, video footage, video games, and the list goes on and on.

On there is an NFT marketplace where users are able to browse the NFTs market. They then can make purchases using either a credit/debit card, or pay via the App. The application has a wallet supporting ERC20 tokens ( wallets include: Metamask, WalletConnect)

To purchase an NFT on head to or directly click the link above to open the NFT marketplace.


Firstly, click on “Sign up” if you don’t have an account and create your account for free.

Secondly, choose your username and write your password

Then complete the signup process by verifying your email address

Head to the NFT marketplace and choose the item you wish to buy and click then buy for the amount specified

If the item is in a bidding auction – the bidder who places the highest amount will get the NFT and the price you had bid will be refunded immediately in the currency used to bid.

Afterwards, choose your payment method ( credit/debit card or Pay) and then confirm the payment

Lastly, after the transaction is complete wait for the item to appear in your collectables.

Finally, with you can use different methods of payment. It currently supports :

Payment with Credit/Debit card

Payment with cryptocurrencies

You can pay using the app App

Or pay using MetaMask.

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