How to buy Metahero on Coinbase

Coinbase currently does not have all the crypto coins, but that does not mean it does not support them. Metahero is an excellent example of a crypto coin not present on Coinbase. The coin is not present in the Coinbase app or the Coinbase wallet. But that shouldn’t worry you for we’re here to help you out. This is how to buy Metahero

In order for you to purchase the coin, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Search for the coin on CoinMarketCap.

In Coinmarket you get a variety of options of where you can get a coin and the purchasing choices (market pairs). After opening CoinMarketCap search for Metahero in the search box.


Afterwards, click on “markets” which is close to the price chart. Upon clicking you will get a list of all available marketplaces where you can get the coin and the confidence level of CoinMarketCap towards the marketplace.

In addition to the confidence level of CoinMarketCap in the marketplace, you also get to see the coin’s price in the various marketplaces and its market pair.

Now you will choose the currency you wish to purchase HERO with e.g. HERO/ETH. This means you will purchase Metahero with Ethereum. So if you wish to purchase Metahero with USD search for the market pair of HERO/USD.

2. Choose your platform.

Now, this is the most important factor to consider because different platforms have different levels of security, reliability, and liquidity.

Before making a decision on the platform you will use make sure to view all platforms offering your pair and research the platforms in-depth.

A good number of platforms are available but I would recommend the use of Kucoin, Bybit,, CoinEX,, or BingX.

3. Make your purchase.

Generally speaking, purchasing crypto with fiat currency is so much easier as compared to purchasing it with another crypto.

For you to purchase HERO with another crypto you will have to create a crypto wallet supporting Metahero then purchase your first crypto which you will use to purchase/swap for Metahero.

And that is how you can buy Metahero (HERO)

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