How to add Terra to Metamask

This guide will show you How to Add Terra to Metamask. It is a simple task that can take less than five minutes for you to be done with it.

Since Metamask doesn’t support Terra Luna’s blockchain it’s not possible to directly add Luna to your account, therefore, you will need a medium for you to complete this transaction. Terra Bridge is the best way for you to complete the transaction efficiently. It can also serve you different purposes other than bridging e.g. Terra Luna Staking.

Terra Bridge homepage

In order for you to complete the transaction, you will go through a number of steps. Follow the steps below to successfully complete the transaction.

Step 1

Open Terra Bridge and link your wallet to it.

Link your wallet

The bridging network supports only three wallets currently. The wallets are Metamask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase.

Step 2

Select your blockchain e.g. If you chose Metamask the blockchains you use can either be Ethereum or BSC

Step 3

Enter the amount you want to transfer and enter the destination wallet. This should be the Metamask wallet address on the network.

After confirming the above transaction, head to the second step of the process. This is to add the Luna address.

Step 4

Open your Metamask wallet and select the wallet in question

Click on “Import Tokens” and tap on “Custom Tokens”

Copy the address and symbol

Press “Add Custom Token”

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