How to add avalanche to Metamask

In Today’s guide, I will show you how to add Avalanche to Metamask. Avalanche is an open-source platform that allows the building and development of decentralised applications. It’s a faster cheaper and more secure blockchain as compared to Ethereum. Transactions take about 3 seconds and at a speed of 4500 transactions per second (TPS)

In order for you to successfully add Avalanche to Metamask, you need to have accounts on both platforms. If you already have a MetaMask account follow the steps below to add Avalanche to your MetaMask account;

1 Open your Metamask account and click “Ethereum Mainnet”

Metamask wallet

2 Choose Avalanche from the networks given

select network

After selecting Avalanche write the following as your main net details and click save upon finishing

Network name: Avalanche


Chain ID: 43114

Symbol: AVAX


Mainnet details

After completing that on your Metamask wallet, head to your Avalanche wallet and copy your Avalanche’s wallet address

3 Go back to your Metamask wallet and copy the address. Ensure you are on the Avalance network so that the process may be successful.

4 Lastly click on “send” and choose the chain, enter the amount of AVAX and paste the address you copied from Metamask and confirm.

While doing this ensure you are keen so as to avoid losing your funds. Go through all the details to ensure they are perfect then submit.

Wait for a minute or so and then refresh your Metamask wallet and the funds will have arrived.

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