How to buy land in Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu metaverse project (SHIB) will let users purchase virtual real estate land. This will all happen when the project s launched on April 23. Currently, you can buy land in the Metaverse but SHIB will easily defeat the other Metaverse projects. Let’s talk about How to buy land in Shiba Inu.

From some of their posts, you need to know the following before buying the land:

Know the total land available 100595 pieces, only 36431 were released in phase one

Price- Know the price range. The starting bids will be between 0.2 ETH to 1 ETH

Way of purchasing For Phase One the purchasing format will be auctioning and then it will later on, turn to the normal purchase system afterwards.

Availability- In the opening phase, holders of LEASH and Shiboshi will be prioritised and afterwards it will be open to the public.

From 23 April the land sale will be live to the public. This will happen after two periods where LEASH and Shiboshi NFTs bid on land via land purchase

Now, to purchase land in Shiba Inu do the following:

The easiest way is to be a holder of LEASH this cause they will get first priority. The access will be depending on the total LEASH you lock and the period you hold it.

” The amount of LEASH prospective land owners could lock is between 0.2 LEASH and 5overld happen over 45 to 90 days.” Shiba developer Eric M said.

Similarly, Shiboshi holders would enjoy the benefits first.

Land sale phases for Shiba Inu

The sale was in three different sections: Bid holder, Holder event and Open purchase.

During Bid Holder buyers will bid on the land they want. The ETH one bid was sent to a smart contract and after 3 days(auction period) successful bidders could mint their new Shiba real estate

During Holder event– this will be a restricted sale event for LEASH

And finally, the open purchase you will be served according to when you placed your request/order.

According to Eric M, “some days LEASH holders will be able to purchase normally and after all the events open purchase will be set up for everyone to purchase the remaining land. The open purchase will happen in the normal method.”

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