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How to find transaction history on Binance

With Binance it’s possible to view and even download your transaction history.

In some countries e.g. The U.S. cryptocurrencies are treated as properties, therefore, are subject to being taxed.

In this guide, you will learn how to find your transaction history on Binance.

This is a 2-step procedure that we’ll show to you and upon completion of all the steps, you will be able to see your transaction history.

1. Log in to your wallet and click on “wallet”

After logging in to your Binance account. In the top menu, you will see the “wallet” option which is next to “Orders”

You then should click on Fiat and Spot which will be among the options from the drop-down menu in the wallet option.

2. Select transaction history.

Once you open “Fiat and Spot” you will see a number of options e.g. Deposit, Withdraw, Send, Transfer, Transaction history e.t.c.

Since you are after your transaction history you will click on that option and from there you can select the filters.

If you want your transaction history for the past 7 days you will change the time and refresh the page. You can also customize it to any period you wish.

How to download transaction history.

To get a copy of all transactions you have ever participated in click on “Generate all statements”

You can also set up the preferences if you want, but if you wish to see all your transactions don’t click on any filter/preference. Afterwards, you simply click on “Generate” and wait for a few hours.

Keep on checking to see if the statement has been generated. But it would have been much easier if you waited for the allocated time before checking for the statement.

Once the statement is generated you finally click on “Download” for you to get a copy of the statement on your device.

NOTE: You can generate your statement a maximum number of 5 times per month.

You have successfully learned how to find and download your transaction history on Binance.

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