How to mint Solana NFTs

Solana is among the world’s most known blockchains in terms of NFTs and Defi. Its currently positioned four globally in the cryptocurrency ranks. Well, NFT enthusiasts you are in luck for today we are talking about how to mint Solana NFTs.


We shall mint Solana NFTs using the Phantom wallet therefore ensure you have a wallet in Phantom. If you don’t have you can download the wallet here.

Minting is the process of turning an asset into a digital file through cryptography. That said you can turn almost everything into a digital file and then into a token.

In order for you to start minting, you will have to have installed the Phantom wallet either as a web extension or an application on your device

Immediately after downloading the wallet, you will be directed to a new page where you will be told to create an account or use a secret recovery phrase. In our example, we will use an already made account.

After opening your account you will have to fund it with SOL (Solana’s native currency).

After funding your wallet you will create an account on Solsea. This can be easily done by connecting your Phantom wallet to Solsea.

When you link your Phantom wallet to Solsea you will be automatically redirected to Solsea’s sign-in page where you will fill in your email address and password. Then keenly go through its Ts and Cs and afterwards agree. Immediately afterwards your wallet will be connected to the Solsea platform.

Now let’s begin creating your NFT collection:

First, in the creator dashboard select “Create Collection”

Secondly, choose a category, and title, and give a brief description and the full description.

Next, select your header and icon image

You then will create your collection and submit it. In creating the upcoming mint you will choose the collection supply (number of mints to be produced), minting date and the initial price.

Lastly, add your collection links i.e. URL of your website and of the NFT accounts.

Minting your NFTs

Now that you have your own NFT collection you can add all your new NFT creations by selecting them from the collection drop-down bar.

The last step before you can start minting your NFT is answering some questions on traits Once you answer the traits you can never change them.

After answering all the fields you then click on “Mint NFT” and wait for your NFTs

And that is How to mint Solana NFT

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