How to delete Binance account.

With Binance you can easily sell or buy cryptocurrencies. In the occurrence that you no longer want to keep your Binance account due to various reasons. Perhaps you no longer have an interest in cryptocurrencies or maybe your account is rigged. The guide below explains to you How to delete Binance account.

To close/delete a Binance account follow the steps below:

1 Open the application

Firstly, open the Binance application and ensure you are signed in. Click on “Account” which is on the main page.

2 Choose security

Under “Account” navigate into “Security” and click on it.

3 Disable account

After clicking “Security” in the options select “Disable Account”

4 Review reminder.

Upon clicking disable your account a number of options will pop up. The pop-up will have the following options:

  • Binance will cancel all your pending withdrawals
  • To delete you will have to delete all your API keys.
  • In deleting your account you will have deleted all devices for your account.
  • Your account will no longer have trading capacities
  • In the future, if you wish to activate your account you will have to contact Binance directly.

Read the pop-up carefully before you disable your Binance account.

How to solve “Binance can’t verify address”

Binance failed to verify your address due to a number of reasons. The reasons include:

  • Invalid documents
  • Upload failure
  • Incomplete residential address
  • Exploit

Invalid Documents

In liaise with Binance, the documents (utility bills or bank statements)you upload must not be more than 3 months old. Binance won’t verify your address if the names on the documents don’t match those registered to your account.

Also, the photos you add must be clear so that the facial features may be visible otherwise they will be rejected.

Upload failure

While uploading your documents, you get a 15-minute time frame for you to upload all required documents. Once the 15 minutes are over you will encounter an upload failure which will result in a verification failure.

Incomplete residential address

With Binance all the details you enter are scrutinized with hawk-eye keenness. If you try to fake any of the documents even the slightest e.g. a zip code your verification process will fail.


Crypto platforms are common to hacks that result in huge losses. If Binance senses a potential threat it holds all activities pending till the issue is resolved.

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