The Top 4 play-to-earn games on BSC

With the emergence of the GameFi sector in the crypto world, it’s now possible to earn crypto from games. The games are blockchain based and have grown to big popularity since the success of Axie Infinity. In this article, we shall talk about the Top 4 play-to-earn games running on the Binance Smart Chain.

Crypto gaming began back in 2017 with the first games being Cryptokitties, Hashcraft and Botwars ultimate trading. Currently, there are over 800 blockchain games in the world and this is just a small portion of the 1 million individual games according to Gameshift, a blockchain research company.

Currently, the top play-to-earn games on the BNB chain are:

  • Era7:Game of truth
  • X World Games
  • Mobox: NFT farmer
  • Secondlive

1 Era7


Era7 is a play-to-earn NFT game based on the Trading Card Game concepts. The game’s plot is about 7 different races from the continent Truth. The seven races interact and compete with each other to earn the title “King Of Truth”.

All individuals are uniquely gifted and undergo training so as to become summoners. After which they travel the world while making summoning pacts which makes them allies with the most powerful in the seven races.

In the end, a battle takes place where the winner is named “King of Truth” and his race enjoys honour in the land.

2 X World Games.

X world games

X world Games is a diversified gaming ecosystem connecting gamers with blockchain developers and inviting game developers into the crypto space. It aims to be a gaming platform connecting blockchain systems with millions of gamers in the gaming world and finally becoming an “OpenSea”

3 Mobox: NFT farmer

Mobox is a community driven GameFi platform combining both DeFi and NFT features. In addition to being a free to play game its also a play-to-earn game where you earn rewards for playing it. In the game you can either play to earn the top rank so as to get the MBOX. Or invest tokens in character’s who will “farm” coins for you.

4 Secondlive

secondlive homepage

Secondlive is a 3D space where you become a virtual avatar and do different real-life things such asshopping, handling business, singing etc. In the game you design your own avatar in the Metaverse and use him/her for the game.

As of July this are the top games in the BSC network. Let’s wait and see if by the end of the year they shall still be in the Top 4 play-to-earn games or will the list change.

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