How to earn money in Crypto games

Crypto games currently are the easiest way to earn some crypto while doing something you enjoy. The games reward players after they participate in competitions and tasks.

What are crypto games?

These games reward the players with small amounts of crypto. This is upon participating in a competition or a task.

Games were usually centralized meaning all items and experiences gained could not be used in other games

The games went an extra set of using blockchain technology where players earn real rewards from different aspects of the games.

They have a mode called “play to earn model.” One purchases gaming characters and uses the characters in battles or even sells them at higher prices

There are many games e.g. Lucky Box, Silks, Axie Infinity, Space Misfits e.t.c.

Here are the 3 metaverse games to watch in June

Let’s circle back to today’s topic

The crypto games unlike other games give players complete control using blockchain technology. Simply, if you own an in-game item you can trade it with a friend or even sell it this has created a strong market place hence attracting players.

The fact that you earn real crypto from the games has attracted many. This has led to more people participating in competitions and tasks so as to earn the rewards.

The games work opposite to the phone games in that, instead of paying money to play you earn crypto upon participating. Well isn’t that just wonderful?

With the “play to earn” model, you make a profit from your investments through the gaming coins.

Can I earn Bitcoins while playing?

Yes!! E.g. Bitcoin Bounce as its name suggests all you have to do is go as far as possible bouncing from one platform to another without falling.

With the current shortage of job opportunities, such games give hope to the jobless and give them a decent amount of money hence helping them push forward.

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