How to buy crypto with Paypal

You can now purchase crypto with Paypal. It’s not yet widespread but it has already begun functioning in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. Here’s how to buy crypto with Paypal.

Paypal has joined the list of payment methods one can use to purchase crypto.

All you have to do is deposit funds into your Paypal account and link it to your Etoro account from where you can purchase the cryptocurrencies.

Despite it being able to purchase crypto, it’s not the cheapest method to complete such a transaction due to its high transaction fees.

Let’s retrograde to today’s topic on How to buy crypto with Paypal.

Paypal is currently among the most popular methods used by investors to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Currently, Etoro is among the only exchanges allowing Paypal as a method of deposit.

Meaning if you are an investor wishing to deposit via Paypal, it would be much cheaper for you to use Etoro.

Currently, eToro and a few other crypto exchange programs allow Paypal as a method of deposit. This is due to fear of fraudulent deposit risks that come with platforms such as Paypal.

Despite the associated risks, eToro can manage them due to its size and risk management policies. With these benefits, eToro is the most preferred investors option for depositing via Paypal

To start buying crypto with Paypal follow the steps below

1 Sign up to eToro

2 Complete the verification process and KYC

3 On the homepage click on “Deposit Funds”

4 Select Paypal to be your payment method

You cannot use Paypal on the first transaction. It requires you to have used your account previously

5 Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click “Continue”

You then will be directed to Paypal’s website to confirm the transaction.

6 Buy the cryptocurrency you want

After completing the above steps the funds will arrive in your account. Now you decide on the crypto you wish to purchase and go ahead with the purchase.

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