What is

This is a cryptocurrency exchange company based in Singapore. The company uses Cronos as its crypto coin.

It can also be defined as an online platform supporting investors to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Features and Services.

You can say that is a crypto bank for you can sell and buy cryptocurrencies on the exchange. In addition, you can also swap your crypto with, other users, using your Defi wallet. is among the fastest-growing exchange company due to its features. Some of the features are:

Deposit and withdrawal fees

The platform offers amazing deposit and withdrawal fees. The fee is volume-based meaning the larger your withdrawal the more the discount you will receive.

Accepted payment methods

It allows you to fund your account using both fiat and cryptocurrency. Despite the freedom, follows the regulations of a country to avoid being banned.

The platform accepts both credit/debit cards and it has no limit on buying and depositing crypto.

Supported cryptocurrencies

The platform supports a large number of cryptocurrencies. Within the platform, you can trade cryptocurrencies on the CRO exchange program or stake them to earn tokens.

The staking of cryptocurrencies is dependent on the staking pool offered in the exchange.

Stake and maximize your crypto profit potential by up to 6.5% p.a

You can also securely deposit, trade, and receive cryptocurrencies in the exchange.


In addition to all the above features, charges in a unique way. Instead of charging a bigger amount for a larger withdrawal, it reduces the transaction fees as the volume increases. Well isn’t that amazing?

How to use

You need to have an account either on the app or website

1 Open the app/website and enter your password.

2 Ensure you have the minimum amount of crypto allowed in your wallet. Different cryptocurrencies have different minimum amounts

3 Click on the app logo and click on “Earn”

4 Click on the plus-sign

5 Click on the cryptocurrency you wish to stake

6 Choose the period you wish to stake the crypto

7 Read the terms and conditions word by word and decide if you are okay with them

8 Choose the amount you wish to stake and confirm.

Upon completion of all the above steps wait for seven days and your interest will have accumulated and you’ll receive your crypto.

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