How to transfer Crypto from Binance to Coinbase

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency trading platform known for its low trading and transaction fees. Coinbase on the other hand is among the top leading crypto exchange platform where one can also purchase cryptocurrencies. Today I shall show you how to transfer crypto from Binance to Coinbase

Precautions to take before transferring your crypto.

  • When transferring crypto for the first time it would be better to transfer a small amount first so as to know all the possibilities and (if) encounter them for the first time. The encounter will be very beneficial to you.
  • Before transferring any funds from any wallet, confirm the token/coin’s availability to the wallet you are transferring to.
  • Record all transaction numbers/screenshot in case of any problem you’ll have evidence.
  • The transfer will be “pending” until all confirmations are complete.
  • In the occurrence of a transaction taking more than 24 hours Kindly contact support for help.

How to transfer crypto from Binance to Coinbase.

Follow the steps below to transfer your crypto from Binance to Coinbase:

1 Open Coinbase’s official website and create an account if you don’t have one.

2 After creating/logging in to your account select the cryptocurrency you wish to receive.

3 Let’s say you wish to transfer Ethereum. Click on the “Send/Receive” button and choose Ethereum.

4 Upon clicking Ethereum a wallet address will appear, copy the address and open your Binance wallet.

5 Log in to your Binance wallet and click on “wallet” for a dropdown menu to appear. In the menu select the first option “Overview“.

6 On the page that will appear you will see all your available assets in Binance.

fiat and spot

7 Afterward, click on the “Fiat and Spot” button and enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to transfer.

enter the address you copied

8 Paste the address you copied into the blank address space and enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to withdraw and submit the request.

9 You will be required to complete the two-factor authentication process for the transaction to be complete.

10 Binance will transfer the crypto once the authentication process is complete.

In conclusion, Binance is not accessible in all countries therefore Coinbase is here to offer you assistance if you wish to convert your local currency into crypto or vice versa. Hence it’s important for you to understand the procedure of transferring crypto from Binance to Coinbase.

Learn How to use Coinbase here.

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