How to bridge crypto from Polygon to Cronos.

Polygon is a level 2 blockchain network enabling users to transact and interact with digital assets and applications. Its native token MATIC powers the network. It’s an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible network and uses Solidity.

Cronos is the first blockchain that interoperates both Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. It provides the ability to instantly port applications and crypto assets from other chains at low costs and high transaction speeds.

In order for you to bridge from Polygon to Cronos you will have to use a bridging network. Currently there are three bridging networks but of the three only two allow direct bridging. The two are Synapse Protocol and Multichain bridge.

I prefer using Synapse Protocol to Multichain bridge because:

  • It has a larger selection of bridging tokens
  • Low fees
  • Faster transaction speeds

In Synapse protocol the whole bridging process takes a maximum of 2 minutes hence I can say that its very fast compared to other bridging networks.

In addition to that you can also stake tokens in its “Stake” section

Now you shall learn How to bridge crypto from Polygon to Cronos.

1 Head to Synapse protocol and connect your web3 wallet

Click the top right corner where there is “connect wallet” and select the wallet you wish to connect to Synapse protocol.

2 Select the network you are bridging from and the network you are bridging to.

Firstly, select the network from which you will be bridging from.

Then select the network you wish to bridge to

3 Enter the number of tokens you want to bridge.

After entering the number of tokens you wish to transfer , you’ll see the amount you will receive.

4 Lastly, authorise the transaction in your web3 wallet.

Upon authorising the transaction in your Web3 wallet give the funds a maximum of 2 minutes to arrive in your account.

And that is how to bridge crypto from Polygon to Cronos easily

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