Bridge crypto from Ethereum to Solana

Learn how to bridge crypto from Ethereum to Solana below:

Ethereum is a decentralised open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. It comes in second after Bitcoin ad is ranked the best blockchain in the world.

Solana is also a blockchain network but its designed to host dApps and NFTs. Basically one can say its main aim is to scale beyond decentralzed applications while keeping their costs low.

To bridge crypto into Solana you have to use only one platform Portal Token Bridge.

Solana is not an EVM-compatible network thus you can’t store your funds in the Web3 wallets.

For you to bridge you will have to use a Solana web3 software eg Solflare

Before bridging from Ethereum to Solana you need to have Solana supported wallet provider. They supported wallets include; Sollet, Tarus, Coin98

Bridging from Ethereum to Solana so different compared to the other networks. This is because you will use two Web3 wallets, one wallet e.g. Coinbase and the other wallet to be a Solana wallet e.g. Solflare.

Here’s how to bridge from Ethereum to Solana:

1 Head to Portal token bridge and connect your web3 wallet

Connect your web3 wallet.

2 Enter Ethereum and Solana and as your networks

3 Choose the token you want to send

Select the token you wish to send e.g. Ethereum

4 Enter the amount of ETH you wish to send

After entering the amount you wish to bridge send the request

5 After sending the request wait for the prompts of approving the transactions

6 Enter your Solana’s address where you want the funds to arrive and wait for a maximum of 1 hour.

Bridgingn from Ethereum to Solana as you have seen is a bit different from the rest. Nonetheless it still is as simple as the other bridging procedures its only the bridging platform and a few changes and you are good to go.

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