How to bridge crypto from Avalanche to Optimism

Before you begin bridging crypto between any two networks you need to have a safe bridging system.

In addition to a safe bridging system, you also require a wallet or a wallet extension in your browser.

Today you will learn how to bridge crypto from Avalanche to Optimism.

Avalanche is a blockchain platform with its own currency. It currently is developing a reputation due to its token(AVAX) being a rival to the famous Ethereum.

Optimism is a level 2 scaling blockchain system famous for its low costs and lightning-fast transactions.

To bridge from Avalanche to Optimism you will have to use the Synapse protocol. This is a cross-chain layer protocol powering interoperability between blockchains. It provides decentralized and permissionless transactions between level 1 and level 2 ecosystems.

Synapse protocol is ver popular in bridging cryptocurrencies between different blockchains. This is due to its low fees and fast transaction speeds over a large number of networks. It allows asset transfer across 15 different chains

Let’s get back to today’s topic on How to bridge crypto from Avalanche to Optimism.

Firstly, you will have to connect your web3 wallet to the Synapse protocol.

Head to the top right corner and select connect wallet. From the pop-up menu choose your desired wallet and connect it to the Synapse Protocol.

Secondly, Choose the networks

Select Avalanche as the network you wish to bridge from and choose the token you wish to bridge.

Afterward, select the network you wish to bridge to and the token. In our example, we are bridging from Avalanche DAI to Optimism USDC.

Lastly, confirm the transaction in your web3 wallet and wait for the funds to arrive in your wallet.

Upon confirming the transaction the funds will arrive in your wallet in a minute or a few seconds.

That is how easy it is to bridge tokens from Avalanche to Optimism.

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