Current crypto updates

This are the current updates in the crypto world markets

Binance market updates as of 2022-06-13 23:00

The global cryptocurrency market currently stands at $0.97T which is down by -12.92% from the previous data of a day ago. This is according to data from CoinMarketCap

 graph shows the total market cap of all cryptoassets, including stablecoins and tokens.

Bitcoin is trading at between $22572 and $27521 this is in a period of 24 hours. As of 8:00 Pm UTC today Bitcoin was at $23183 which is a decrease of -15.43%

Crypto Updates

Most major cryptocurrencies market caps are trading lower. Nonetheless there are a few outperformers, these include:

  • DUSK which is up by +49.45%
  • POND which is up by +9.67%
  • JUV which is up by +3.48%
  • GST which is up by +10.11%

The following are the market movers and their current trends:

  • LUNA: $2.65 (-8.08%)
  • ETH:$1263.36 (-14.78%)
  • BNB:$229.84(-12.36%)
  • ADA:$0.4734(-8.34%)
  • BTC:$23,492.02(-14.41%)
  • SOL:$29.35(-9.10%)
  • RAIL:$1.48(-15.50%)
  • LINK:$6.17(-863%)

The following are the biggest market gainers currently:

  • Gera Coin which is up by +223.51%
  • ASYAGRO which is up by +128.63%
  • META WORLD which is up by +114.46%

These are the biggest losers in the current market:

  • Teloscoin by -98.72%
  • Handy by -87.33%
  • Wild Island Game by -86.70%

We’ll continue to give you crypto updates

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